United Retiree Badges

How does one obtain a United retiree badge?
The United retiree badge can be ordered online via Flying Together:

Launch Flying Together

➡ Travel

➡ EmployeeRES

➡ Quick Links

➡ Employee Links

➡ Retiree Badge

Once the ordering procedures are followed/completed, a badge will be created and sent to the retiree’s address of record via express delivery by Federal Express (FedEx) or certified mail.

Who is eligible for a retiree badge?
Retiree badges are available only to former employees with United Airlines retiree pass travel privileges. To get a UAL Retiree badge you will be required to have turned in your last UAL Corporate Badge. Failure to return your last UAL Corporate Badge will negate your Retiree Badge order.

Is the United retiree badge required for travel?
No. This badge is not required to pass travel.

I already have a subsidiary United retiree travel card/subsidiary Continental retiree badge; do I need a United retiree badge?
The United retiree badge is not a requirement. It does, however, have the approved new United branding and it never expires.

What is the benefit of this retiree badge?
It is sometimes required to receive discounts. A no cost alternative is to print a retiree verification letter. This is accepted by many discount providers (e.g. cruises, hotels).
To print the letter from Flying Together:

Launch Flying Together

➡ Travel

➡ EmployeeRES

➡ Helpful Travel Links

➡ Verification of Eligibility letter

Where do I get a passport style photo?
Passport photos can be purchased at a local Post Office or at many stores such as Walgreens. You can also take these with any digital camera. “Passport style” refers to the fact that the subject should be facing forward with the following restrictions:
● Wear your everyday clothing and hairstyle.
● No electronics (headphones, Bluetooth devices, 3D glasses, etc.) can be in the photo.
● Hats, sunglasses, and tinted glasses are forbidden, but prescription glasses, are acceptable.
● Pose with a neutral face (a smile or straight face are acceptable too).
● These photos need to be taken with a light blue or off-white background (with no shadows).

What is a .jpeg format?
This format is used to compress images so our system can upload the photo.

Why is there a fee for a retiree badge?
This fee includes the cost of materials and administration needed to create the badge, plus the cost of certified express delivery via FedEx or USPS Certified Mail. Below is the fee structure that has been adopted for the retiree badge process.
● The initial retiree badge will be $35.
● Replacement badges for damaged badges will be $0 (damaged badge must be returned).
● Replacement badges for stolen badges will be $0 (with a copy of the police report).
● Replacement badges for lost badges will be $50 (1st), $100 (2nd) and $150 (3rd and subsequent).
● Note: this is the same fee active employees pay for lost badges.

What does this badge do?
The badge was intended to provide retirees (those that wished to have it) with a tangible link to their former employer and to supplement the Verification of Eligibility Letter when attempting to apply for any applicable discounts offered to United retirees. This badge is in no way mandatory nor is it required for pass travel.

Note: The TSA is not required to/may not recognize the retiree badge as a valid form of ID to utilize employee lines in the airports.

How often do I have to renew my badge and will there be a renewal fee?
Retiree badges will not expire.

Can someone obtain a badge without computer/internet access?
No. At this time, the only way to order a new United retiree badge is on-line through EmployeeRES.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How do I set one up?
You do not need to create a PayPal account. The Company is utilizing PayPal to collect the funds and track orders.

Is PayPal a trusted website to submit my payment information?
Yes, this service gives people simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information. More information about the company can be found at www.paypal-media.com.

Can I mail you a check or money order for my retiree badge?
No, all payments need to be done through the on-line ordering process. This will help the badging team track orders, confirm payment and expedite the process.

After my payment has been received, how soon will I receive my badge?
Currently, it may take up to six (6 months) to receive your retiree badge.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my retiree badge?
Please direct your questions to badging@united.com with the subject “Question: Retiree Badge”.