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For the most current Pass Travel policies, procedures and information, always visit FlyingTogether at and select the Travel Tab.

Travel: Retiree Travel Awareness

Please be aware of the following. It has come to RUAEA's attention that some Retirees are abusing their travel privileges. Some retirees have been purchasing revenue tickets for flights which they are then listing themselves for. This is considered holding seats out of inventory.

Please review the following paragraph which is part of United's Retiree and Employee Travel Policy.

United Travel Policy:

The Company views acts of fraud and deception as among the most serious forms of travel abuse. Acts of misconduct aboard Company airplanes or in airport are considered as such terminals or gate rooms, or other lapses such as failure to comply promptly and appropriately with the legitimate directives of ground or flight personnel, using pleasure travel privileges for personal gain, holding a reservation on a flight for which one is standing by, or checking as baggage items or parcels which the traveler merely wants transported, among others. These types of misconduct are likely to result in suspension of travel privileges.

Complete Pass Travel Guidelines

The Basics

Travel Policies


Employee Travel Center – questions or problems with travel
Hours of operation: 7 days a week from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. central
Open a Help Hub ticket will be done from a function located on the Flying together Home Page click here
United Airlines Digital Technology Service Desk – for Flying Together password resets,
call 1-800-255-5801 (do not use for pass travel questions or problems).

Other Resources

Facebook – there are several groups on Facebook dedicated to helping United employees and retirees travel. They include:
UNITED New Pass Travel Policies, Retirees and Actives - This group has a great series of “how-to” videos on travel, and does a great job of answering all questions on pass travel.
United NonRev Travel - This group is a resource for finding hotels, resorts, cruises, and other general travel advice.