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What is RUAEA?

RUAEA is the Retired United Airlines Employees Association. It is made up of former employees of United Airlines, Continental Airlines and their subsidiaries. It was organized to maintain friendships between retired co-workers and to develop new friendships among retirees. The primary activities of the organization are the publication of a monthly Newsletter and the organization of a yearly national convention. On a local level, the organization is made up of chapters located wherever United Airlines retirees are located.
Our annual membership is only $30, which includes a monthly newsletter, which you can read online or receive via US Mail. JOIN US TODAY!

Benefits of joining RUAEA

There is a monthly newsletter which is created and distributed to you on a monthly basis. You may receive this either by mail or via the website online access. ( Your choice when you join). The online newsletter gives you two different ways to view the newsletter along with archived PDF copies going back to 2003.
There is an annual RUAEA Convention which is held in a different city each year. There you will experience friendship and camaraderie from fellow retirees. There are plenty of tours and several banquets with entertainment that you can attend.
Their are numerous Local RUAEA chapters that you may join throughout many of the 50 states and in some case multiple chapters within a state. These Local Chapters hold numerous social events throughout the year. A great place to meet new people and see fellow UAL friends. Check the Chapter link to see what the closest chapter is for you and to get information regarding your Local Chapter.
The RUAEA website is available to RUAEA members. Special features include the online newsletter as previously mentioned, chapter information, timely news regarding United, and RUAEA. It also features special travel information regarding travel desk help, UAL Regulations, travel discount sites regarding trips, tours, cruises, hotels, and rental cars at special discounts. In addition it also has special links to United Retiree Associations, Medical and Prescription information, PBGC, Latest US and World Information, Financial & Business News Information, UAL Corporate related sites, and the Alliant Credit Union.
All of this is available to you at your fingertips when you are a member. We hope you will join RUAEA and take advantage of these features and your extended United and Continental family.
Jim Sommerfield and Toni Van Kampen
Web Managers