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  This page offers answers to Frequently Asked Support Questions
  Q: How do I gain access to the online newsletter?
  A: You need to be a current RUAEA member in good standing. You then need to create a user name and password, you can do so here.
  Q: What are the annual dues and how often is the newsletter published?
  A: The annual dues are currently $30 for domestic members and the newsletter is published 12 times per year. The newsletter is available online 2-3 weeks prior to mailing of the printed version. Click here for Application and dues options.
  Q: How come I don't receive any emails from RUAEA?
  A: RUAEA periodically sends emails to members to let you know the online newsletter has been published or to notify you of important news. Make sure your spam filter does not block emails from RUAEA.ORG. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider if you have questions about this topic.
  Q: Can I receive both the printed and online newsletter?
  A: Yes, for an additional $5 per year you can receive the printed newsletter in the mail and also access the online newsletter.
  Please forward Website related questions to support@ruaea.org.
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