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Status of the RUAEA Denver Office and DENTK

  - updated 6/21/2020

Good news - The Denver Office is back effective 6/20/2020.  We have some restrictions to contend with, but they are manageable.  The rules put out by the CDC and the State, regarding the Corona Virus are the basic orders of the day.  We have social distancing - 6 feet between/from others, occupancy rules - 50% of capacity, use hand sanitizer and wash hands.  Basically, common sense things like consideration of others as we do what we can to prevent the spread of this virus.  Oh, before I forget, we have to wear a mask. 

We (RUAEA) have one entrance into the building, it's the South Entrance off the Courtyard to the Cafeteria.  When we enter, with mask and badge, Security takes our temperature and we are given a "Day" sticker to put on our badge. This allows us to go anyplace in DENTK that our badges are programmed for.  Without the current day sticker we will be invited to leave.  I tried, with my badge, all the places we need to have access and it works, so all of our RUAEA folks that work in TK shouldn't have a problem.

We appreciate the help and consideration given us by the Facilities Manager, Lilia Walker who has retired but is back for an undetermined period, and United Airlines during this troubling time. 

If you have questions let me know.


Virgil Gooselaw

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