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United Retiree Badges

  - revised September 2016

A while back United introduced a program for retirees to obtain Retiree Badges. Some history behind this program is that Continental retirees were given a pictured retirement badge upon their retirement. The new company began to work on a program to not only continue that process for retirees from the new company but also make such badges available to all United retirees. There have been a few glitches in the first few days which have been addressed. The information about the badges and the process for obtaining such a badge are covered below. If you should incur any problems in trying to order a badge please contact the Badging@united.com via email. As you will see these badges are not mandatory but could be beneficial in obtaining discounts from certain vendors.

Ordering the New United Retiree Badge:
Retirees who are interested in ordering a new United retiree badge may do so on-line through EmployeeRES. The link can be found by selecting “Quick Links” then “Employee Profile” and finally “Click here to obtain your Retiree Badge”. At this point the retiree will be provided with the opportunity to submit payment and are given the instructions for submitting their picture/information to the Badging Office. Once the payment/order has been received, the badging office will verify the information, create the badge and send it to the retiree via Federal Express (FedEx) or certified mail.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does one obtain a new United retiree badge?

The new United retiree badge can be ordered online through EmployeeRES (Quick Links > Employee Profile). Once the ordering procedures are followed/completed, a badge will be created and sent to the retiree’s address of record via express delivery by Federal Express (FedEx) or certified mail.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my retiree badge?
Please direct your questions to badging@united.com with the subject “Question: Retiree Badge”. Please include your name and retiree/employee ID number.

Can someone obtain a badge without computer/internet access?
No. At this time, the only way to order a new United retiree badge is on-line through EmployeeRES.

Will the new United retiree badge include the retiree’s picture?
Yes, the new United retiree badge will include the retiree’s picture. The retiree will need to provide a recent (within 5 years) photo for us to upload onto the badge.

What is the expiration date of the new United retiree badge?
The new United retiree badge will not include an expiration date.

Will there be a cost associated with the new United retiree badge?
Yes, there will be a fee of $35 for the initial retiree badge. This fee covers the materials needed to create the badge, administration of the badge’s creation and the cost of express delivery via Federal Express (FedEx) or certified mail. There will also be fees associated with replacing lost badges (a fee schedule will be included on a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document available throughout the ordering process). Replacement badges for lost, stolen or damaged badges can be ordered through the same tool.

Is the new United retiree badge required for travel?
No. This badge is not required to pass travel.

What benefits/privileges are provided by the new United retiree badge?
The new United retiree badge provides a tangible link to the Company and may assist in obtaining discounts for off-line travel, hotels, cruises and many of the other discounts found on the Employee Discounts page (in Flying Together). Many of these discounts can also be obtained by printing a Verification Letter online through EmployeeRES (Quick Links > Employee Profile). There is no limit on the number of letters you can print, as well as no fee for printing.

I already have a subsidiary United retiree travel card/subsidiary Continental retiree badge, do I need a new United retiree badge?
The new United retiree badge is not a requirement. It does, however, have the approved new United branding and it never expires.

How long after I order my new United retiree badge will it be before I receive the physical badge?
At the moment, we expect everyone to receive their badge within 7-10 business days after completion of the ordering process.

Who is eligible for a new United retiree badge?
Any former co-worker (regardless of subsidiary) who is on “retired” status.

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